EAL 39: What is Creating all these Wacky Shifts in My World?


Most people move through life with very few clear answers about themselves or about the shifts taking place in the world. That is not fun. It can be confusing and sometimes scary.

Clear answers are available, allowing us to understand all of it.

Today’s episode talks about one of the core factors that is creating this unprecedented shift on the planet, and the crazy shake up’s that have been taking place in so many people’s lives. We will even talk about why so many people are opting to leave the planet, just from feeling the build up of pressure, but not knowing what to do to resolve it in their lives.

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1:30 Three levels of healthy potential: wonder of child, empowerment of adult, greatness of soul

2:20 Connecting to the core of self is the goal.

3:00 Most people begin in wounded, survival consciousness instead.

3:40 Your soul knows your perfect set up from the time you are born.

4:30 We all share nine nurturing needs in every stage of our lives.

5:05 When we are not nurtured, we create gaps in our connection to self.

6:45 You are a unique individual on a sacred soul journey!

7:20 Challenges are a necessary part of every stage.

8:00 There are seven soul levels?

10:30 Kundalini = sexual, creative force

10:50 We shift to new levels of potential because of increased kundalini.

11:20 Kundalini inspires us into puberty.

12:00 Kundalini also inspires the shift of midlife!

12:30 Midlife is when we are intended to reach our deepest potential.

14:30 If we have emotional blockages, kundalini creates accelerated challenges.

15:30 Planetary energies are supporting more potential than ever before!

16:45 We all need to learn how to clear a clear path for rising kundalini in our bodies.

18:00 More people than ever are opting to leave this lifetime in an attempt to relieve the build up of pressure.

20:00 I can teach you clear tools for resolving the pressure!

20:30 100% of my clients who apply the tools make consistent, clear moves forward in their lives. Better and better and better…

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