EAL 38: Beginning to Understand the Soul!


People constantly tell me they wish they understood life and how it is set up. Things just don’t make sense to them in so many ways.

I used to feel the same way. And I am grateful to be able to offer the clear answers I have grown into in the last 25 years. So much more makes sense to me, now that I understand what a crucial role our souls play in the way things unfold.

Today’s episode is an introduction to that vital piece of the whole self, offering some vital clues about the way our individual lives are set up. It is all configured perfectly and powerfully by our souls! 

If you want more of this depth of exploration in future episodes, please make sure to let me know. And so now it is my great pleasure to introduce…

Episode 038: Beginning to Understand the Soul!

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version.

1:15 We need to understand the soul to relieve pressure in our lives.

1:45 We all have 3 distinct levels of potential: Child, Adult and Soul

2:00 You have three minds: Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious

2:45 The goal is to marry all three minds.

3:00 Most people are ruled by the subconscious = early childhood experiences

4:15 We all personalize those early experiences through the limbic brain. Example: “Nurturing is not possible FOR ME.”

4:50 Good news: Your SOUL sets up all of your early challenges.

6:00 Without the soul, it is too much pressure!

6:40 Ron’s story as an example of soul setup.

7:10 I needed to understand the soul to relieve how horrible it all felt.

8:00 The planet doesn’t yet understand how the soul applies to our lives.

9:10 When nurturing is missing, we continue looking outside ourselves for validation.

10:20 Outer validation is NOT the solution to feeling self-value.

11:00 We all BUILD our own sense of self-value.

11:40 What choices are you making that make you feel great about yourself?

12:30 My soul set up taught me how important nurturing is in our lives.

13:15 I was inspired to become a proactive nurturer… for myself and others.

13:45 My deepest life purpose emerged from the challenges of my SOUL setup.

15:00 Your investments in self are an eternal investment in you!

15:40 Your OVERSOUL = all of the lifetimes you have lived.

16:15 Where are YOU in the unfolding? Wounded child, adult or soul?

17:15 My school of self-mastery (ronbaker.net) teaches how to access and integrate all three levels of consciousness = the WHOLE self.

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