EAL 37: Be Willing to Have a Conversation


Most people want things to improve in their lives. However, many are afraid to have conversations about things that are challenging.

There are several things we need to consider. With healthy tools and approaches, conversations can be much easier than you imagine. And the issues and triggers that have been bothering you won’t magically go away if you don’t put it on the table.

Today’s episode will teach you how to set yourself up well.

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version.

1:30 It is important to be willing to have healthy conversations.

2:00 So often people don’t feel safe to bring things up in conversations.

2:40 Start with getting in touch with you. What is this showing me about myself?

3:30 Without a healthy conversation, things don’t magically shift.

4:00 Identify your wounded feelings that are being triggered.

4:40 Nurture your own wounded history (make sure you have tools).

6:10 Have a healthy conversation with your own inner child.

7:30 Show up without blame. Share what you need or feel.

8:00 Use the word “sometimes”.

8:15 Ask permission to talk. Is this a good time to talk with you?

8:30 Share about you. Your feelings or needs.

9:15 Help them understand you. Then give them space around the observation of them.

10:20 Suggestion healthy alternatives.

11:00 Set yourself up well. Share about you and be open to listen.

11:45 People tend to be afraid to instigate challenging conversations.

13:00 You are both learning something together.

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