EAL 36: Judgment: How it Bites You in the Butt

Judgment is pervasive in the world... and yet, many people misunderstand, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” When I asked, many people just consider this a religious cliche... and they were considering how judgment plays such a huge part in keep us in a wounded, survival reality.

In today's episode, find out how you can begin to shift the whole thing by releasing judgment of yourself.

Simple and powerful.

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version.

1:35 Judge not that ye be not judged.

2:20 We inspire others into a game of life by the choices that we make.

2:50 You actually judge YOURSELF when you judge something in others.

4:45 Fear, shame and judgment keep us in survival consciousness.

4:55 Fear - 1st chakra; Shame - 2nd chakra (emotional); Judgment - 3rd chakra (mental)

5:30 Mom and Dad pass on wounded comfort zones and judgment.

6:15 Judgment is physical fear and emotional shame quantified in the mental body.

7:15 Example - Process of making mistakes. (We will judge this if there was not clear nurturing support for that natural process.)

8:20 Anything quantified as “good or bad” is judgment.

9:00 Judge not that ye be not judged by your own wounded perceptions!

9:30 Think of 3 people you love. Has any of them avoided making mistakes? Do you still love/accept them as people of value?

10:15 ALL things are necessary for soul learning and growth.

11:00 Learn to evaluate life from an adult perspective, beyond habitual judgment.

11:20 Don’t habitually repeat what you learned to judge as a child.

12:00 Learn from everything. See what everything is teaching you, beyond the need to judge.

12:30 Every stage is filled with the “best choices” you know how to make.

13:20 Practice interrupting your habitual judgments! What are healthier options?

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