EAL 35: Awakening to Your Soul Potential


Today's episode is a continuation of the questions that you have been sending in. Today someone asked, "How will we relate to one another differently when we move beyond 3D into 5D reality?"

This is a very evolved question, requiring some important foundation about the dimensions that exist and impact our lives. Most people are not even aware that the 5th dimension is the realm of the soul... or what that entails.

So today we venture into an exploration of your soul potential and what will allow you to open to those more fulfilling realms of experience.

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version.

1:15 Answering all your questions. Physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual.

1:55 So many people are stuck in survival consciousness, focusing outside the self to figure out how to get acknowledgment that we matter.

3:00 Life is structured for us to grow into various levels of our potential, one perfect step at a time.

4:15 We have three levels of consciousness… like 3 concentric circles of potential.

5:20 Most people are stuck in a wounded version of the first ring.

6:00 Survival consciousness - looking outside self most fully, ruled by fear, shame and judgment to be your authentic self.

6:30 Potential - to trust receiving, claiming yourself as a unique individual who operates in mutual value with others.

7:20 In your first eight years, your soul curriculum is set up.

8:00 Foundation of self - physical, emotional and mental set up in those eight years.

9:00 Survival consciousness - stuck in the stage of looking outside to BE LOVED. 

11:30 How will we relate to one another differently when we move from 3rd dimensional consciousness to 5D consciousness?

12:15 Looking back at earlier stages shows us how there is always more potential that we have held inside.

12:50 As a soul, you hold tons of potential! 

13:30 In 3D, physical focus, we don’t know how to recognize that there is more.

14:00 The 5th dimension is the realm of the soul.

14:45 Example - Intimacy and connection exist at profound levels of potential.

16:15 My school of self-mastery teaches individuals how to get in touch with all three levels of potential, including the realms of the soul.

16:50 It is not one or the other. Once we know a level, it always remains inside us as a potential focus.

17:20 When we open to higher dimensions, we still remain connected to the physical 3D.

18:20 Love is different at each level than we imagined in earlier stages.


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