EAL 43: Resolving Duality and Opposition in Our Own Lives


If we are going to resolve the issues that face our world, we are going to need to understand the foundation of those issues—duality and opposition.

In today’s episode I go into much more detail about what creates the opposition of one side against another, as well as how we can begin to resolve this in our own lives.

It is only as more individuals learn how to champion individuality, holding a sacred space for themselves and for the others in their lives, that we will end the constant conflicts, wars and corruption that result when we are held in the fear of duality.

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version:

2:00 Myth: Certain feelings are good and others are bad

3:00 We were taught that only certain parts of ourselves are acceptable.

3:30 We end up separating from many sacred parts of self out of fear.

4:15 We learn to buy into the “right” family choices.

4:30 No two families fully agree on the “right” way to be.

5:25 We all need to be championed as unique individuals.

6:00 We needed to be taught to trust our evolving individuality.

6:30 Individuality forms the foundation for mutual support.

7:30 Wounded children only embrace our parents’ wounded comfort zones.

8:00 Duality creates control, domination and war.

9:45 All of our feelings serve us at various times.

10:00 When we are valued and respected, we learn to treat others the same way.

11:00 When we are invalidated, we learn to fear it. And we then practice it.

11:45 Now let’s look at how this applies to competitions.

12:25 The only person who has any value is the winner????

14:00 Ron’s story of fear and competition

15:30 Even famous celebrities have wounds and self-doubt.

16:00 When are we going to admit that we are a wounded world?

16:45 Until I love myself as an individual, I can’t love you as an individual.

18:00 Duality will not allow a life of meaning, value and purpose.

19:25 We can’t even allow others to love what we have decided is unlovable.

21:30 Where do I judge and shame myself?

22:45 People who are caught up in duality are not wrong and bad. Just wounded and held in fear.

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