EAL 44: Courage and Comfort with Coffee


Did you meet anyone this year that stood out... someone who inspired or touched you in a surprising way? I certainly did.

In this week's episode, it is my pleasure to introduce my new friend, Raj Jana. In our conversation, he will share about the challenges and inspirations of creating his own company, Java Presse. Inspired to create a way that people can create a morning ritual that is meaningful and comforting, he has used coffee as a way to touch lives.

In just four years he has expanded the company 10,000%… reaching over 180,000 unique customers. Find out who inspired him personally to wake up and truly start living. You will also learn what challenges he had to face in order to create all of his gorgeous success. 

He is a real inspiration and I know you will enjoy meeting him... as you also find out how you can set your days up well, spending quality time with yourself.

Please leave comments... Let others know if this episode touched you in some way. Please include the things you do in the morning that set your day up well.
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Make coffee a meaningful ritual in your life with Raj.



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