EAL 13: How to Have an Amazing Sex Life, Part One


People are often surprised to find out this important clue about their sex life: Your relationship to yourself determines a great deal about you being fulfilled in sex.

In this episode we explore ways that people stay trapped and limited in their sex life. Find out how you can free yourself in this first part of an ongoing series.

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Time Stamps are for the Audio Version

1:15 Most people don’t have a fulfilling sex life

3:15 A passionate sex life starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

4:10 You can’t transcend that relationship with self when you connect with others.

4:45 Do you have the qualities that you want in another?

5:45 You are intended to in charge of all your own needs.

6:45 The essence of who you are as a man or woman

7:10 Do you feel safe, free and accessible to share yourself?

8:20 Do you make others responsible for your fulfillment?

8:40 Inventory of Self

9:40 The more you value yourself, the more you will bring to your sex life.

12:00 Sometimes sex is mostly a release of pressure and tension.

12:20 Is sex your only source of pleasure?

12:45 Don’t let release of tension be the limitation. So much more is possible!

13:30 Sometimes people use sex to get validation.

14:10 Value yourself as a starting place. (help at ronbaker.net)

15:20 Don’t put yourself on the rollercoaster of outer validation.

15:40 Don’t get caught up in blame when things are out of balance.

16:20 Take an inventory - how much do you value yourself? How comfortable are you with connection, being touched, giving and receiving in balance?

17:20 Disconnection from yourself makes validation impossible.

17:40 Interrupt your wounded choices. Learn to value yourself.

Call to Action - Evaluate if you have a process for getting in touch with yourself. Doing so will open the possibility to have an amazing sex life. You can get that help at “Claiming Your Authentic Self” on ronbaker.net


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