EAL 14: Do You Have a Clear, Evolving Process for Your Life?

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Most people move through their lives, going through the motions, doing the best they can—but caught on a hamster wheel instead of growing, evolving and enhancing their lives.

In this episode I will give you a way to evaluate where you are and why having a clear, evolving process will enhance every area of your life. This will give you a way to make you the centerpiece in your own life!


This timeline coordinates with the Audio Version:

1:30 What is an ongoing process?

1:55 Is your life truly fulfilling right now?

2:30 Do you see lots of room for improvement?

3:00 When do you stop growing? Can it continue throughout the rest of your life?

3:15 Having goals in all areas of your life… physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual

3:55 Do you know how to take every part of your life to the next level?

4:20 Most people just figure things out as they go. No real vision or plan.

4:45 Physical Inventories

6:00 Anything can keep you from celebrating who you truly are.

6:30 How comfortable are you to connect to your own physical body?

7:00 Emotional Inventory

8:15 Feelings run our lives more than most people know.

9:00 Naming feelings

9:45 Shaming emotional energy has a huge impact on your life!

10:15 Meaningful moments are the ones when you allow yourself to feel

11:15 Mental Inventory

11:30 90% of thoughts are the same today as they were yesterday.  Re-descriptions

12:30 Mental - present, perceiving the inner and outer, evaluating and deciding what sets you up well… in addition to mental creativity

13:15 You can interrupt your habitual to introduce new and better!

14:15 You can become free and adventurous and fulfilled!

14:45 You need an ongoing process with a clear map.

15:45 Does “soul journey” mean something to you?

16:20 Do you already know the next layers of your vision for your life?


Create a KickAss Meaningful Vision for Your Life


Claiming Your Authentic Self

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