EAL 15: Four People in Every Relationship?!?

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Most people are surprised when I tell them that there are four people in every relationship. And yet, it is true. 

I have been sharing an empowered approach for creating amazing relationships for many years. My clients have some of the most intimate, connected, authentic relationships that I have ever seen.

Understanding the four people that have to be understood and negotiated for a healthy relationship makes all the difference. I look forward to sharing that with you today.

I am having a glitch with the video this week for some reason... so until we get it worked out, please CLICK HERE to watch. 

Timeline coordinates with the Audio Version

1:15 Relationships are at the core of everything you do.

2:15 We all have three layers of consciousness

2:45 First level - child consciousness

3:15 When you receive nine nurturing needs, you learn to connect to your physical, emotional and mental aspects of self.

3:30 Nurturing creates the foundation for self-value

4:15 We have all been missing a healthy education about self and these levels of our beings.

4:45 Most people are wounded. Protected. And in need of healthy education.

5:30 Frozen in child/survival consciousness. Defended and separate.

6:00 This all happens without any real awareness.

6:45 Second level - adult consciousness

7:15 We must all learn how to heal wounded child consciousness.

8:00 What happens in your adult life when you make a distinct mistake?

8:30 Watch for fear, shame and judgment coming up in your adult life.

9:00 Adult consciousness is fully comfortable with making mistakes.

10:00 We present our best selves at the beginning of relationships.

10:15 Two adults and two wounded children.

11:15 There must be space for the wounded parts of self stuck in fear, shame and judgment.

12:15 Do you want your friends to only pretend to be wonderful, while they hide most of themselves? Or do you want people to trust being authentic with you?

13:15 Why is there such a high divorce rate?

13:45 Most people don’t know how to negotiate their wounds.

14:30 Often in conflict, there are NO ADULTS in the room.

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