EAL 33: Fitness Can Be Fun and Easy... no, really!

Have you found that you have no time or have simply lost interest in staying fit? So many people reach that point. It is amazing to think that so many of have created lives that are so busy, they don’t even have time for themselves!

Let’s get you motivated again.

It is vital that you keep your body nurtured and vital. The quality of every facet of life depends on your physical health and mobility. The good news is that staying fit can be simpler than most people think… really!

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1:30 Have you lost your motivation for fitness? Just too tired?

2:00 The gym is not the only way to treat your body well.

2:20 The quality of your life depends on your physical health.

2:45 I have done podcasts on the physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual. 

3:10 Have you gotten so busy that there is no time for YOU?

3:30 Fear is likely at the core of a life out of balance.

4:30 I can get too busy achieving that I forget to nurture me.

5:00 Being busy is not the healthiest measure of success.

6:15 Too many consistent routines can be boring and suck energy.

7:30 Fun time with family can also keep you fit!

8:00 Begin gradually, if you see a benefit in keeping your body strong and fit.

8:30 Stretching and walking are great ways to begin. 

9:05 Breathing is hugely important so that you don’t create tension. And fitness will not be fun!

10:00 Claiming Your Authentic Self: Abundance, Intimacy and Proactive Health on ronbaker.net

11:15 Relax your head from THINKING while you walk. Or use the time to evaluate ways that you can improve the quality of your own life.

12:30 We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves!

13:15 Choose what qualities are important to you… and then practice them!

14:20 Be true to you. Figure out what YOU enjoy.

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