EAL 32: I don't even know myself anymore... hmmm.


So many people are feeling lost, confused and unsure where their lives are headed. There are distinct reason for this and it is all being guided by your soul.  There are things you can do to create a new sense of safety and clarity… but there has to be clear information in order for that to take place.

Let’s explore so that you can end the confusion!

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1:20 So many people are feeling lost, unsure where their lives are headed.

2:00 Many people don’t feel safe to even admit these feelings.

2:50 We all have 3 levels of consciousness… potentially.

3:30 Most people haven’t integrated any of those three levels of potential.

3:45 Most people are trapped in survival consciousness.

4:20 We all need a clear map of self—the potential that we all hold.

6:20 Your challenges guide you to the areas you most need to nurture and learn from.

8:00 By facing challenges, you create more wholeness and trust in yourself.

9:30 Your soul guides your entire lifetime, though most people aren’t directly aware of that energy.

10:15 Each person receives life inspiration according to what they are ready to handle.

11:00 The kundalini/sexual force guides how awake each person happens to be. That accelerates at puberty.

11:45 The planet moves through cycles and stages of evolution, just like you do.

12:30 There are many stages or ages that have been named for the planet/collective consciousness.

13:00 In the past 30 years, we have advanced more than in thousands of years.

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14:30 Why are people feeling lost now?

15:00 We naturally let go of what interests us when our souls are ready for more.

15:45 In survival consciousness, we get attached to a certain way of being.

16:30 We each have distractions and compensations for our fear and shame.

17:00 The interruption of my survival approach.

17:45 Outer validation won’t heal the wounded sense of self.

18:15 I needed to nurture my wounded challenges, to become the authority in my own life.

19:00 We all need a clear map of self and specific healing tools.

21:30 When your soul is ready to open you to more, it interrupts the familiar.

22:45 When you expand, your choices don’t hit the edges of self that it used to. This is an interrupt of your gratification.

23:20 Many people want to kill themselves when this happens. They feel so unfulfilled. This is an attempt to awaken into MORE.

24:30 Be careful not to get caught in depression, resistance and shut down.

25:00 Healing alternatives and solutions are available.


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