EAL 31: Creating Proactive Results in Your Relationships


Because so many of us grew up with caregivers who didn’t know how to show up as true teachers and leaders, modeling healthy choices in our lives, many people end up resenting that they have to be the ones to figure out solutions in their relationships.

Have you ever resented that you are the one who always speaks up first or comes to the table to address challenges and conflicts? 

In a healthy life, we each need to take responsibility for identifying what we want to experience or to improve in our relationships, and then become proactive to model and encourage those choices. Let’s explore…

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4:00 We all have three levels of potential consciousness: the wonder of the child, the empowerment of the adult, the greatness of the soul.

7:40 Do you already live in the wonder and trust of life and those around you?

8:00 You have constant choices at your fingertips!

8:20 Creating Proactive Results in Your Life

9:00 You need to be responsible for the results you want.

10:15 You have the power to encourage things toward what you want.

10:25 Every facet of your life takes place as a learning curve.

10:40 Ask others - Are you interested in going deeper?

11:40 We all seek safety, connection and affection!

12:30 Most people are not nearly as comfortable as they think with connection and affection.

13:20 Share more about yourself than you comment on others.

15:40 You can inspire healthy change by showing the new behaviors are safe.

16:10 Do you always feel like you have to be the one who shows up for solutions?

16:45 Look for the perspectives that set you up well.

18:30 You become the inspiration of the changes you want!


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