EAL 30: The Power of Standing Together


So many people are wondering what they can do to make a difference in a world that is in so many crises, with so many revelations of corruption and opposition.

It is really easy to end up feeling powerless. "I am just one person. What can I do?"

The great news is that there are so many other people who feel like you do, and when we actually come together to stand for things that are important to us, we become exponentially powerful. When we add to that a willingness to listen to others and what is important to them, we can begin a conversation that finally works toward what serves the good of the whole. Let’s explore how that can happen in this week’s episode!

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version.

1:30 We can come together, teaching and inspiring one another.

1:50 One person showing up can become a movement.

2:45 Many people fear that it is not possible to truly be heard.

4:00 Coming together allows us to be more powerful

4:30 We have not been a world that has encouraged and nurtured us to have our individual perspectives.

5:10 Don’t wait for crisis to make healthy, powerful choices.

5:40 We need to come together to focus on solutions that serve the whole.

6:10 Starting in our homes and communities we can learn HOW to impact change.

7:05 Focus on solutions! Not on blame and opposition.

8:00 The big systems are made up of people who are stuck in fear, just like you and me in various ways.

8:45 NYC - 9/11 and a black out - people coming together

11:11 When our hearts are inspired, we can come together more effectively

12:00 Woodstock - people coming together

12:45 Grassroots movements can be truly powerful.

16:00 I have created a successful community that practices true value of individuals seeking solutions.

17:30 Standing up for what is fair. Boundaries and limits.

19:30 We will wake up in the world, when you wake up and I wake up. Then we will inspire others to wake up.