EAL 29: The Impact of Teasing


In this time of accelerated change and shake up, it is so important that we set ourselves up well. Making choices that build trust in a support system in our lives is an invaluable thing to consider.

Today I want to talk about a simple adjustment that many people need to consider—the impact of teasing. All too often in this world of competition, sound bites and technological distractions, we are losing the ability to communicate in heartfelt ways with one another. Sometimes we end up replacing those real investments of ourselves in one another with quips and teasing… without really considering the impact we might be having on our ability to trust and feel safe.

Let’s talk about that, so that you can make more conscious choices about what you want to create and experience in your life.

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These time stamps coordinate with the Audio version.

1:15 We can learn from every day life. Who do I choose to be?

2:05 You teach others with every choice you make.

3:20 My life gets better when I pay attention to what I am putting out.

3:50 Life is constantly revealing YOU to you.

4:50 What choices make you feel great about yourself?!?

5:50 It feels good to take responsibility for your own learning curve.

10:10 Making proactive choices that set you up well.

10:25 Habitual teasing… hmmm. The impact of teasing.

10:55 We live on a planet that has gotten away from nurturing one another.

12:00 Humor and play can be wonderful… in balance.

13:15 Unresolved feelings expressed in teasing hurts.

13:55 Fear generally rules those choices. Too much teasing promotes fear.

15:00 We need to be able to trust each other!

16:00 Communicate. Take responsibility. Gently share, “WE have gotten used to more teasing than heartfelt sharing.”

16:45 Evaluate and shift where you can see room for improving.

17:45 How to approach others who tease you too much… gently.

18:20 Watch out for superiority.

20:45 It’s all about balance and intention!