EAL 18: Letting Go of Absolutes


This episode of Empowered at Last provides some powerful clues about creating healthier relationships. How we communicate with one another determines plays a crucial role in how well we set ourselves up in our lives.

The great news is that there are a few small shifts you can make right away that will make your conversations much more successful. That is what we are discussing today--letting go of absolutes.

These time stamps coordinate with the Video Version this week.


0:45  Absolutes NEVER serve us!  Ha.

1:15  “Always” and “Never”

1:45  How you THINK also has a big impact.

2:10  We typically use absolutes to justify our feelings.

3:10  Evaluate your own choices. Discover what serves you for yourself.

3:45  Don’t absolute yourself (or others). Be gentle.

4:30 Absolutes often cause us to feel accused and unsafe.

5:00 “It SEEMS to me that you SOMETIMES”…

5:30  Declarations as accusations

6:45  When we feel accused, we stop listening.

7:45  Loosen up the opportunity for resolutions!

8:30  Offer new alternatives.

9:45  Sometimes we make the same mistakes that trigger us. Create a space of compassion.


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